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I use design, research, and writing to explore the relationship between technology and meaning-making. 

I’m interested in multi-sensory forms of data and experiences. I contributed essays to an Immersive Scholar guidebook on documenting and publishing experiential scholarship while collaborating with the vMLK project. While in quarantine, I sonified my experience using data from a Google AIY kit. Before that, I developed a VR experience to make the impact of fast fashion tangible. Most recently I facilitated a workshop on reimagining the internet as a public space.

I care about privacy. I co-hosted an auction to help designers connect data to identity. I recently explored AR filters as a method for subverting biometric surveillance.

I believe in helping people reclaim power over their data. I designed a CUI that promotes transparent interactions. I’ve collaborated with IBM technologists to explore how machine learning can empower patients. I’ve also written about the importance of community-held data on medium.

Most recently I completed my master’s thesis on multimodal IoT interactions with ecological data at NC State College of Design.