Generating Methods for Resisting Biometric Surveillance 

An exploration of present and speculative methods for resisting biometric surveillance.

Timeline: October-November 2020
Case Study: AR, Speculative Design


Emergent tools have the power to both oppress and empower. While facial recognition and other tools that enable biometric surveillance continue to encroach on public space, emergent tools of both low-level and high-level technologies can empower communities to resist.

How can we generate various forms of expression and protection to evade biometric surveillance in public spaces?


Using AR filters, I established anti-surveillance methods that range from imagining possible symbiotic relationships with other lifeforms to recontextualizing immediate objects and tools. The range of filters simultaneously puts immediate tools to reclaim biopolitical power in the hands of users, encourages participation in and awareness of the potential of biohacking for justice, and fosters the imagining of alternative futures.