A conversational interface for skincare information 💡 & inspiration ✨

User Interaction, User Experience, Conversational User Interface
Collaborator: Marcie Laird
My Role: Research, Conversational Flow Design, DialogFlow Development
Timeline: February 2021



By leveraging the affordances of conversational turns, conversational design enables users to discover, gain new insight, and arrive, at conclusions and decisions that they would not have reached on their own.

In a culture filled with daily routine content, a virtual agent focused on skincare draws on an element of familiarity while giving the user a novel way to mediate their personal process through a partnership of consulting, guiding, and understanding.

How might a conversational interface act as an empowering companion during skin care routines?


TyTy: A consultant and companion for morning and nightime skincare.

TyTy is a conversational companion that engages with the user for the duration of their morning routine. Its primary role is to empower the user in their decision-making processes by prompting them to vocalize their inner dialogue and share their experience with the CUI. Over time, it enables the user to better articulate their sense of self through their care routine. The CUI uses product-specific knowledge to make recommendations for use and helps the user craft a dynamic routine that responds to their ever-evolving lifestyle.