Corey: A Companion

A collaboration with IBM exploring how Watson capabilities can help Crohn’s patients understand and act upon their personal healthcare data.

Collaborators: Marcie Laird, Anna Pataky
IBM Watson Team: Debi Ndindjock, Aisha Walcott-Bryant
Timeline: February-April 2020 


Crohn’s patients have to manage dynamic factors–adjusting routines to manage new and changing medications, complex procedure prep, and unpredictable symptoms. The information they need to interpret and manage their condition can often feel cold and inaccessible.

How might the design of a multi-modal user interface use Watson capabilities to empower patients of Crohn’s disease to effectively manage their condition over time?

Our Approach

Corey is a virtual koala companion that serves as a proxy to the user through their shared experiences of Crohn’s disease. By using machine learning to track dynamic factors and predict fluctuations, Corey anticipates user needs and provides timely, relevant information through intuitive interactions. Corey helps the user navigate changes in their condition, and their relationship emphasizes the impact of taking care of ourselves.