Concept Development

We developed wireframes and storyboards for two possible concept directions that could address the user painpoints we identified in our research. We then presented these findings to the IBM team.

Concept 1:
Procedure Prep
The preparation required for a colonoscopy–a frequent procedure for patients with Crohn’s–adds an additional layer of complexity to the user’s day-to-day routine. 

This design concept provides personalized, guided support to users in the days leading up to their colonoscopy. 

Concept 2:
Document Database

Test results and other documents patients frequently access are often filled with jargon and difficult to interpret meaningful Insights. 

This concept breaks down patient results into clear insights and action steps.

Final Concept

Corey: A Companion

After meeting with IBM we developed Corey: a virtual koala companion that serves as a proxy to the user through their shared experiences of Crohn’s disease. Their level of engagement responds to the unique needs of the user over time. 

The Corey system helps users navigate their condition in their day-to-day support life, and can provide additional support to prepare their companion for  medical procedures.