Earth In Retrospect

A VR experience that connects users to places and spaces in the lifecycles of our things

VR Experience
Timeline: November - December 2018


Overconsumption and mass production are obvious barriers to sustainability, yet it can be difficult to see the role our everyday clothes and objects play in this cycle. While the impact of fast fashion is systemic, if we understand where our things come from, where they go when we’re finished with them, and the impact they have on vulnerable communities, we can make informed decisions about what to consume, advocate for those exploited, and alter our relationship with the earth.

How can we perceive the lifecycles of our objects?


Earth In Retrospect is a virtual reality experience that allows users to make a tangible connection between everyday objects and the multiple worlds they inhabit throughout their lifespan. The experience brings users into a 360 landscape filled with discarded objects. Here, users select highlighted objects to enter scenes associated with spaces and times in that object’s lifecycle. VR makes the seemingly distant impact of material things immediate and serves as a call to action against the environmental and social impact of fast fashion. This experience was built in Unity using C#.