A graduate thesis on human interactions with sensor-gathered ecological data in smart cities.
User Interaction, IoT, Design Research, Speculative Design

Timeline: September 2020 - April 2021

TyTy: A Virtual Agent

A conversational interface for skincare information 💡 & inspiration ✨

User Interaction, User Experience, Conversational User Interface

Collaborator: Marcie Laird

My Role: Research, Conversational Flow Design, Prototyping

Timeline: February 2021

Corey: A Companion

A collaboration with IBM exploring how Watson capabilities can help Crohn’s patients understand and act upon their personal healthcare data.

User Experience

Collaborators: Marcie Laird, Anna Pataky

IBM Watson Team: Debi Ndindjock, Aisha Walcott-Bryant

Timeline: February-April 2020

Earth In Retrospect

A VR experience that connects users to places and spaces in the lifecycles of our things

Developed in Unity, experienced through Oculus

Timeline: November - December 2018