Concept Development

The personas and journey map indicated the kind of information that would be valuable to users at particular moments throughout their day. I designed a possible interactions they might have with the data in those moments. 

 Interaction Concept 1

After observing the number of lichens that grow on everyday surfaces in public urban spaces, I envisioned an interface that they could capture information about the lichens that grew on it. Humans could view past data about lichens that had previously grown on the surface, present data about the species and state of lichens currently growing on the surface, and future data about what lichens may or may not grow on the surface depending on different air quality metrics. 

Interaction Concept 2
I designed another interaction that would play out across a screen located in proximity to a surface lichens could grow on, with sensors collecting data at the site. In this interaction the user is able to see how the lichen is affected by the data in real time. A reflection of the user Is shown in the Interaction so that they can see how they and the lichen are both affected by the local environmental conditions. 

Interface Concept 3
In another interaction concept the user’s mobile device would be activated through a beacon and play a real-time data sonification in which pollination levels at the site of the tree are mapped to pitch and made audible through sound. 
The sonification is accompanied by a companion screen to help viewers make sense of the sounds.