Reflections and Implications

Decouple Data: Data becomes more robust if the user sees its impact in multiple contexts. Different forms have unique affordances: the multimodal data interaction enables the user to viscerally experience the perspective of the nonhuman while the companion screen allows them to dig into the data from a more quantitative perspective

Meet The User Where They Are: Nature is not ‘out there.’ Nature is integrated into our environments in ways that are often unrecognized in our daily interactions. These “everyday spaces” present opportunities for expanding our perspectives through experiential design interventions that challenge our current ways of being. By becoming a space for alternative interactions, the space changes in meaning. The context should remain familiar, and the practice should become strange.

Understanding Other Intelligences: Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly sophisticated and simultaneously opaque. Design that brings us closer to understanding the radically diverse and complex intelligences of other species could help us create more accurate metaphors for artificial intelligence.